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About Us

BarraCUDA is developed at the Metabolic Research Laboratories, University of Cambridge
in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science University College London.
The software development is lead by Dr Brian Lam (Cantab) and Dr Bill Langdon (UCL).


Developers wanted!

BarraCUDA is still under active development and we always welcome people from around the world, especially students who want to get experience in GPU and genetic programming, to contribute in this project. If you are interested in participating, please email Brian Lam at yhbl2_at_cam.ac.uk for details.



Many people have contributed in BarraCUDA, notably Bill Langdon and Arran Schlosberg for working
so hard to bring out the new version which is twice as fast as the older version.
Petr Klus who spent many hours in the development of the CUDA code for FM-index alignment.
In addition Dag Lyberg from the University of Cork contributed in the new SAMSE
CUDA code in BarraCUDA version 0.6.x.

We would also like to thank Nicole Cheung, Edward Oakeley (Novartis Resarch) and
Charles Bradshaw (Gurdon Institute) for evaluating the initial release of the software.
Our gratitudes also go to Graham Pullan from the Whittle Lab who leads the many-core
group in Cambridge as well as Ian McFarlane from the NIHR-Cambridge Biomedical
Research Centre for his tremendous support when the project was first started.

We would also like to thank Timothy Lanfear, Thomas Bradley, Mark Berger
Jon Cohen, Nuno Subtil Jacopo Pantaleoni from NVIDIA for their technical assistance and access
to their hardware and the PSG research cluster.